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Nice dude, only thing I would say in regard to likeness is in the first intial sketch she looks young and you can tell by the features i.e. the nose,lips and definition of the breast (by this I mean the underline giving the sense of them being 'perky') whereas in the 2nd coloured version she looks older, the nose shape changed,the shading on the cheek/face makes her look older than the intial sketch and the definition of the breasts is lost in the shading? Hope this makes sense and I don't want it to sound like i'm being over critical :/ still a good job and obviously this is just my opinion as I don't know how the character is meant to look!
With the ratings I would give all 4 stars if the transition from sketch to final piece was flawless, but we all have room for improvement. The reason I gave 3 for impact is that the piece itself seems dark,whether it's meant to be like that I'm not entirely sure but my eye line is drawn to the shine on the breast and takes away from the rest of the piece.
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